RAA organized activities online as well as offline by involving students under guidance of Teachers: Mr Anshuman,Mrs Sukhraj, Ms Rashpal, Ms Deepti, Mrs Ranjana and Dr Maninder Khanna

Language and Diwali Mela was organized in which different activities like Reading Mela, Writing Skills, Nukkad Natak, Poster Making etc were held. Talent Hunt Activities were organized with the help of all staff members who encouraged the students to take part. Awareness lectures were delivered to students by resource persons followed by activities like poster making. 

RAA organized activities online as well as offline by involving students under guidance of Teachers: Mr Anshuman,Mrs Sukhraj, Ms Neeraj, Ms Salochna, Mr Narender and Dr Maninder Khanna

Language and Diwali Mela was organized in which different activities like Reading Mela, Writing Skills, Nukkad Natak, Poster Making etc were held. Talent Hunt Activities were organized with the help of all staff members who encouraged the students to take part. Awareness lectures were delivered to students by resource persons followed by activities like poster making. 
Students are very happy as the school shifted from Sarai building to newly constructed building.


Shaala Siddhi Activities: April, May and July -2019 Surender Pal, TGT - S. ST.

शालासिद्धि गतिविधियाँ - अप्रैल Shaalasiddhi Activities: July-2019

1. The concept of Children's Parliament was inducted and orientated among students to sensitise them about the working of our Parliament (Sansad); elected representatives in Gram Panchayat, Legislative Assembly and Parliament. 

शालासिद्धि गतिविधियाँ - अप्रैल Shaalasiddhi Activities:- May-2019

1. PISA- Programme for International Student Assessment:- In Class 8th B the students were made to practice Wh-words with their meanings and usages.

2. On 25.05.2019, a lively and interactive Parents-Teacher Meeting to discuss the progress of the students of 6thC was held. The topic of Sex Education under Legal Club Activities was also discuss with parents to sensitise them about Good Touch and Bad Touch; Emotional Maturity in Adolescents; provisions under POCSO Act etc.

3. Participation of 10 students in CCPCR proposed play on Drug Abuse, Child Labour and POCSO Act at Cluster Level and qualified for the final theatrical competition held at Tagore Theatre, Sector-18, Chandigarh. One student, Reetu, who played the role of Shanu's mother, has been selected for the Award of Best Actress. Dr. Dinesh Chandra Yadav directed the play in which Surender Pal with Sh. Rajkumar Yadav  coordinatedthe play and inspired the characters to be in the role asigned to them.
A play on "Child Labour" by the students of GMHS-12, Chandigarh performed at Tagore Theatre in a Theatrical Competition on International Children's Day-2019. The teachers who have escorted the students are डॉ दिनेश यादव एंड Surender Pal. Sh. The inspiration of Sh.  Raj Kumar Yadav was appreciable. Special thanks to the Headmistress, Ms. Prabhjot Kaur for her instant permission and blessings to the students.

4. In a Facilitation Award Function for Threatrical Competition on "Child LabourDurg Abuse and POCSOAct-2012" hosted by GMSSS-18, Chandigarh; organised by CCPCR, Chandigarh; presideded over by the Honourable Advisor to the Administrator, Chandigarh Sh. Manoj ParidaJi and Chaired by Sh. B. L. Sharma, Education Secretary, Chandigarh, Reetu, the student of Class-10A, GMHS-12, Chandigarh was awarded the Best Actor Award to play the role of  ofShanu'mother in the play 'Child Labour'. Congratulations to Reetu, all the Characters of the Play, all the teachers, and the Headmistress!

5. On 9th May, 2019 the birthday of First Noble Prize Winner in 1913 for Geetanjali and who composed the National Anthem was celebrated in Class 6thC with pupils' participation.

6. A curriculum based Model of the Earth made  by Ankit Kumar  student of Class 6th C.

7. Innovative approach of making Models by Harman of Class7th A on different lessons. An Exhibition for his Model is proposed to be held in school soon.

8. Coordinated the programme that was  proposed to be held by the Income Tax Officials from Sector-17, Chandigarh. They made the students take pledge to be honest citizens of our nation by adopting the policies of the Government of India so that She could become a Corruption free nation. They also planted a tree in the school premises.

9. Poster making and slogan writing competitions were held in Class 6thC under Legal Literacy Club Activities. The students participated with great enthusiasm and valour displaying their drawing and painting abilities.

9. A model on Irrigation Wheel was made by Harman on the topic of S.St. (Our Past). It was shown to the Headmistress who congratulated the student.

10. On May, 2019, International Labours Day was held in the school by the video clippings to the students to sensitise them on the dignity of labour. The keynote speaker was Mr. Raj Kumar Yadav


मई, 2019 को अंतरराष्ट्रीय श्रम दिवस के उपलक्ष्  पर राजकीय आदर्श उच्च विद्यालयसेक्टर-12, चंडीगढ़ मेंविद्यार्थियों को राष्ट्र निर्माण में श्रमिकों के आजीवन योगदान  बाल श्रम की समस्या पर महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी प्रदानकरते हुए अध्यापक मुख्यवक्ता श्री राज कुमार (Raj Kumar) जी एवं सुरेन्द्र पाल

शालासिद्धि गतिविधियाँ - अप्रैल Shaalasiddhi Activities: April-2019

1. Spell Bee Test in Class 8th and "Write What You Imagine" activity in Class 9th and 10th conducted by me GMHS-12, Chandigarh for the development of Listening and Writing skills in students. The students performed very well. (02.04.2019)

2. Ice-breaking session for students of Class 8thB to get acquainted with each other through "How to Introduce - Playing a game" Activity. (03.04.2019)

3. In Class 10B, "The Mirror - Spell Bee Test" was conducted by me to check the progress of the students. The students performed well. (03.04.2018)

4. Brain Storming Session in Class 8thB while discussing Unique Singular-Plural Changes. (04.04.2019)

5. Onset of discussion in Class 7thA on 1000 years (750 to 1750 CE/AD) of Indian History - Our Past 2 
On dated (05.04.2019).

6. I am Surender Pal (TGT-S.St) from GMHS-12, Chandigarh. These are some of the activities I have organised in classes through interactive approach and following the principal of Zero Investment on Innovative TLM.

7. An interactive PTM was held in the month of April welcoming and counselling the parents about how to help children/learners by understanding their psychological needs and individual differences. Government Model High School, Sector-12, Chandigarh 
Parents-Teacher Meeting 
Class 6thC (27th April, 2019)
सुस्वागतम अभिभावकगण

8. Brain Storming Session in Class 8thB while discussing Unique Singular-Plural Changes. 04.04.2

शालासिद्धि गतिविधियाँ - दिसम्बर Shaalasiddhi Activities: December, 2018, January, February, 2019

1. On dated 08.12.2018, to comply the orders of the Establishment Branch, Chandigarh and on the request and the initiative of the concerned activity-incharges Ms. Anita and Surender Pal, the 250 Students and the 20 Teachers of GMHS-12, Chandigarh prepared hearty and emotional Greeting Cards for the valent, gallant and brave Indian soldiers of India for wishing them Happy New Year -2019 and Happy Republic Day. Salute to the life-risking motherland-services of all the units of Indian soldiers! The credit for the success of the joint venture goes to the war-level efforts of all the Class Incharges/teachers who not only participated proactively but also inspired all the students to participate enthusiastically to invocate the Marshalls/warriors of our nation. Thanks to the Headmistress, Ms. Prabhjot Kaur for extending her gracious guidance for the same. The entries have been sent to the Principal, GMSSS-32, Chandigarh.

2. Child mapping survey of PGIMER -12 conducted by all the staff members.

3. The Students (Shiva and Saniya) escorted by Surender Pal bestowed upon Consolation Prize against Model On Adolescent Education- (HIV AIDS and Drug Abuse) under NPEP-2018  in 46th State Level Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition held from 26.11.2018 to 30.11.2018 in SCERT-32 Chandigarh. Congratulations!

4. On World AIDS Day (1st December, 2018), the Teachers and Students of GMHS-12, Chandigarh make a human chain forming Aids Awareness Ribbon and the AIDS symbol. Top-storey snap-shot by Mr. Pardeep Kumar. The initiative taken and task accomplished by Surender Pal.

5. On dated 10.12.2018, Glimpses of the seminar on Human Rights Day-2018 organised by the members of Legal Club in GMHS-12, Chandigarh on the theme of "Human Rights".
Key-note Speakers: 
Mr. Raj Kumar, 
Dr. Maninder and 
Mr. Vikrant.
Guest: Mr. Pardip; 
Audience:- Students of Classes 8thC and 5thB
Stage Secretary:- Surender Pal
Presided by:- Headmistress
Vote of Thanks:- 
Ms. Seema Bhellay and 
Ms. Neeraj.
6. Delivered Motivational Speech in Science Fair Activities conducted by Ms. Kavita, Ms. Sukhram and Ms. Neeraj.
7. On 21.12.2018, a Lecture was delivered by Surender Pal to conduct SMC training session coordinated by DrManinder Khanna, the Samagra Shiksha Incharge. The programme was chaired by the Headmistress, Ms. Prabhjot Kaur, Headmistress, GMHS-12, Chandigarh. The topics covered in the SMC/SMDC training were as follow:-
●Child Entitlement as per RTE-2009.
●Responsibility of Government, Officials and Parents.
●Responsibility of Teachers, School and School Safety.
●Responsibility of Parents and Guardians.
●Role and Responsibility of SMC.
The teachers Dr. Dharmender, Ms. Anita, Mr. Raj Kumar, Mr. Vijay Kumar and worthy guests and members of SMC were present during the training centre.
9. Surender Pal delivered Lecture in School Morning Assembly on Martyrdom of Guru Govind Ji, His Four Sahibjaade and the whole of His Family showing indomitable will not to bow before the tyranny of Mughal Emporer, Aurangjeb.
10. Interactive PTMs by all the Incharges showing results of December, 2018 Examination and counselling parents and students about how to reduce Examination Stress and perform well pleasantly.
11. Primary wing of Govt. Model High School, Sector -12, Chandigarh witnessed 'National Energy Conservation Day, 2018 on 14 December by organising an 'Awareness Rally' and a 'Slogan Writing Competition' on energy conservation. Mr. Rajkumar organised the events in which Surender Pal, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Mr. Vikrant Kaundal and Mr. Pardeep Kumar were to judge the students' Posters, Banners and Slogans on this occasion.
11.1 National Youth Day on the Birthday of Swami Vivekanand was celebrated in the school ensuring maximum participation of students.
12. A Quiz Contest on Swachchh Bharat Mission-Chandigarh, an initiative sponsored by the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh, was anchored by Surender Pal on 21.01.2019. In the event there were total five teams from 9th A, B, C and 10th A, B each. The First Position was secured  by three students of 10A. They were given away Prizes in the worthy presence officials of the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh on 22.01.2019 in a marvelous function coordinated by Ms. Anita and presided over by the Headmistress of GMHS-12, Chandigarh.
13. On 25th January, 2019 a lecture was delivered by Surender Pal on National Voter's Day and National Girls Child Day in Classes 10th B and 8th C to discuss the importance of One Vote, One Person, One Value in term of the practice and practical reality of this principal. It was also added that "we the people of India" have to collaboratively initiate to realise the challenges of exploration and deepening of the democratic forms of governance through federative (RTI) and other allied proposals to strengthen and empower The Republic of India.
Besides, there is also need of the empowerment of Girl Child to make them independent in decision- making and sharing equality status among all the genders in every spheres of life.
14. On the occasion of the Birthday (23.01.2019) of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Surender Pal delivered lecture in all of his classes.
15. On 30th January, 2019, the saga of Gandhi's Plolitical and Social life and Martyrdom was discussed with students to inculcate in them the values of peace and non-violence. Ghandhian Philosophy in present world is of utmost importance. 'Hey Ram', his last words, had to be contrary to his struggle for the independence of India.
16. On CRPF Martyrdom, the students were sensitized about the bravery of our Armed Forces by drawing message on Blackboards in Classes 6thA, 8thC, 9thC and 10thB and motivating students to "Draw for Bravery" in the memory of the dead soldiers.

17. राजकीय आदर्श उच्च विद्यालय, सैक्टर-12, चण्डीगढ में परामर्शदात्री "विद्यालय प्रबन्धन समिति/SMC" के सदस्यों श्री खुम प्रसाद काफले जी, श्री राजेश कुमार जी, श्रीमती कशिश जी आदि के द्वारा स्कूल की स्पोर्ट्स यूनिफॉर्म लांच की गयी और आरटीई पर विशेष चर्चा परिचर्चा की गई। मैंने (सुरेन्द्र पाल, सामाजिक अध्ययन शिक्षक) आरटीई-2009 के संबंध में 86वें संवैधानिक संशोधन-2002, मौलिक अधिकार अनुच्छेद-21A, समावेशी शिक्षा, बालिका शिक्षा, समता-समानता, बाल-सुरक्षा, खाता ऑडिट, सामाजिक ऑडिट, स्वास्थ्य, स्वच्छता, केंद्रीय नीति शोध (CPR-1973), अध्येता का सर्वांगीण विकास, बाल कष्ट निवारण युक्तियाँ, विद्यालय विकास योजना, मध्यान्ह भोजन योजना का निरीक्षण, लैंगिक मामले आदि (समग्र शिक्षा, चंडीगढ़ निर्दिष्ट) उपविषयों पर व्याख्यान दिया। इस अवसर पर कार्यक्रम समन्वयक डॉ. मनिन्दर खन्ना, अन्य सदस्य श्रीमती मधु, डॉ. धर्मेंद्र शास्त्री, श्रीमती अनिता, श्रीमती प्रेम कुमारी, डॉ दिनेश यादव, श्री राजकुमार यादव, श्री दीपिन्दर सिंह, श्री विक्रांत कौंडल, श्री अंशुमान गुलेरिया, आदि उपस्थित थे। कार्यक्रम की अध्यक्षता सदैव अभिप्रेरक आदरणीया मुख्याध्यापिका श्रीमती प्रभजोत कौर ने की।

18. National Science Day-2019 at GMHS-12, Chandigarh was celebrated on 28.02.2019.
The theme of National Science Day 2019 - "Science for the People and the People for   Science."
History:- In 1928, an Indian Scientist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman discovered a phenomenon known as Raman Effect. And for this remarkable discovery he got Nobel Prize in 1930, which was the first Nobel Prize in India in the field of Science and to mark this discovery every year on 28th February, National Science Day is celebrated. On the occasion of Science Day different experiments were conducted by Mr. Anshuman Guleria, Mr. Raj Kumar, Mr. Narender Singh, Mr. Pardeep Kumar and Ms. Neeraj Pawar involving students of various classes. Credit goes to Mr. Surender Pal and Mr. Raj Kumar for initiating to celebrate Science Day and igniting the flame of Scientific attitude and promoting reason-based learning amongst students.
19. A team guided and motivated by Surender Pal (TGT-S.St.) from GMHS-12, Chandigarh comprising of Rishab Negi, Disha and Reetu participated, perform excellently and secured First Position in Quiz Contest on National Unity Day and Importance of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The Education Department, Chandigarh directed quiz was held at GGMSSS-18, Chandigarh and it was anchored by Mr. Kapil Sood and technically supported by Mr. Anuj. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Ramesh and Ms. Jaspal (Scorer even) and chaired by the Principal, (Ms. Rajbala) and Vice-Principal (Ms. Manju Bala) GGMSSS-18, Chandigarh. The Headmistress (Ms. Prabhjot Kaur) of GMHS-12, Chandigarh congratulated the winning team.
20. To pay homage to the 44 Martyrs of Cowardice Pulwama Terrorist Attack the students and Staff members of GMHS-12, Chandigarh expressed their resentment showcasing the Valent and Bravery of CRPF soldiers through various activities i.e. poster making, drawing charts, keeping silent for two minutes, blackboard writing, slogan writing and raising etc.

21. A Visit to GMHS-12, Chandigarh Class 10th Students to PEC (Punjab Engineering College) Sector-12, Chandigarh. 
Aeronautical Department
Steam Engine 1891
Mig-21 Aircraft
Welding Shop
Digital Library
Market Area etc.

22. National Voters Day and Girl Child Day 25 Jan 2019.

23. Drafting "Vision 2019" for the the School.
24. Accumulating and Drafting Best Practices of the session.
25. Mock drills for Natural or Accidental Disasters like Fire, Earthquake etc.
26. Launch of School Sports Uniform by the Headmistress Smt. Prabhjot Kaur and Dr. Maninder Khana.
27. Workshop on Map Skills by the concerned teachers.
28. A Play, under the guidance of Sh. Vijay Kumar, was enacted by students on empowerment of Girl Child.
29. A Play, under the guidance of Dr. Dinesh Kumar, was enacted by students on empowerment of Girl Child.
30. Lohari Celebration on 13.01.2019.
31. Human Rights Day celebrated on 10.12.2019.
32. Prizes Distribution Function to reward the students performances in various events.
33. Prizes Distribution Function to appreciate the talent of the students.